The Patrick Mahomes vs. Baker Mayfield commercial debate: Whose ads are better?

 The Patrick Mahomes vs. Baker Mayfield commercial debate: Whose ads are better?

It’s hard to turn on a television and not come across a commercial featuring either Patrick Mahomes or Baker Mayfield. That’ll certainly be the case during Sunday’s Chiefs vs. Browns game when the two quarterbacks face off. Between touchdown passes, expect more Mahomes and Mayfield advertisements.

No matter who wins Sunday’s NFL playoff divisional round game, the QB showdown begs the question: Who has the better commercials?

Maybe you’ve got a built-in bias for either Kansas City or Cleveland, or maybe you really like State Farm or Progressive. But otherwise, it’s a serious question. Which player’s commercial do you stick on the channel to watch, and does the other’s cause you to quickly channel surf?

We present our totally objective look at Mahomes and Mayfield’s commercials.

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Patrick Mahomes commercials

Mahomes is one of the top stars to feature in State Farm commercials, along with Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers and Suns point guard Chris Paul. That’s quite the lineup of future Hall of Famers. 

What Mahomes has in his favor is the natural state of cool he seems to present when on the screen, although maybe that just comes from the knowledge that he’s one of the best quarterbacks the world has ever seen. QBs always seem cool — just ask any high school popular kid ever.

Working against Mahomes is the formulaic nature to State Farm commercials. Before Mahomes came along, Paul and Rodgers were already starring in the advertisements that often feature something getting messed up only for “Jake from State Farm” to show up and fix things. 

There’s nothing specific about Mahomes’ commercials that couldn’t be done with another top-tier athlete, besides maybe the recent haircut skit that was pretty funny, along with Mahomes’ heavy ketchup usage in the steakhouse skit.

For the most part, though, Mahomes could be swapped into Rodgers’ commercials with slight alterations (and vice versa) and they wouldn’t feel that different. That’s not really Mahomes’ fault. At least he’s got that fun superstar smile.

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Baker Mayfield commercials

Mayfield’s largest commercial volume has come with Progressive Insurance. He’s done two seasons worth, both in 2019 and 2020, and they could continue into 2021. Maybe they were annoying as the Browns and Mayfield disappointed in 2019, but the commercials have seemingly taken a step up in 2020.

The premise for all of Mayfield’s commercials is that his “home” is FirstEnergy Stadium, home field of the Cleveland Browns. That leads to funny moments like Mayfield wanting to cover up all the seats when it’s going to rain, Mayfield freaking out when maintenance people are coming because “company” is arriving, and Mayfield having issues with the stadium metal detectors.

Mayfield also is accompanied by his teammate and offensive lineman Jedrick Wills in a couple of commercials, displaying some good Cleveland camaraderie. And Mayfield’s wife, Emily Wilkinson Mayfield, makes appearances, as well.

In Mayfield’s various commercials, it seems he’s very much himself. While it’s hard to know exactly what Mayfield is like in his actual home, it feels more like you’re seeing more of Mayfield the human and less of Mayfield the quarterback in his commercials.

Since the whole premise of the spots is that Mayfield is a recognizable face, it adds to the fun that instead of showing off Mayfield as a high-end quarterback, Progressive simply paints him as a regular guy worried about regular housekeeping things, just in a large football stadium.

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