Plex Arcade streaming service launches with classic Atari games

 Plex Arcade streaming service launches with classic Atari games

The home-video streaming platform Plex is getting into games with Plex Arcade. This is a new service that Plex members can use to stream games from the cloud. This enables media lovers to build a digital library of movies, TV, photos, music, and now games all in one place.

Plex Arcade starts at $3 per month for Plex Pass members or $5 per month for everyone else. That fee gets you access to a library of Atari 2600 and Atari 7800 games that stream to you using the Parsec cloud-gaming technology. You can, of course, try Plex Arcade for free for seven days.

I’ve tested out Plex Arcade myself, and I definitely like the concept. I already use Plex to manage my movies, and it’s cool to see a list of games in the same easy-to-use interface. What’s even better is that you can add your own ROMs to your Plex library just like you can add your own movies or music.

My own games in Plex Arcade.

Above: My own games in Plex Arcade.

Image Credit: GamesBeat

I have not had any luck getting my own ROMs to work yet. And, for that matter, I could only get the built-in Atari games to run on my Android phone. It also supports iOS and Chrome browsers, though.

I see a lot of potential here, but Plex Arcade is definitely still in its infancy. The Atari games are hardly worth paying a monthly fee for on their own, so Plex will have to improve that offering. But if it can streamline the process of playing my own ROMs, I might consider using this as an alternative to something like Retroarch — especially since Plex could stream my games to me outside of the house.

And if all that works, my entertainment could get even more convenient in the future.

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