Majority of Americans say violence at U.S. Capitol an act of terrorism

 Majority of Americans say violence at U.S. Capitol an act of terrorism

President Trump continues his firm grip on the Republican Party base: Among Republicans who voted for him in 2020, most (61%) think of themselves primarily as Trump supporters rather than Republican Party supporters (39%). A whopping 78% of Republicans still agree with Trump’s unfounded claim that the presidential election was stolen.

Trump remains, by far, the most popular Republican politician among Republican voters: 86% of Republicans have a favorable opinion of Donald Trump. Republicans’ views of GOP congressional leadership, however, are far more dim: just 23% of them have a favorable opinion of Mitch McConnell, and 41% have a favorable opinion of Kevin McCarthy.

Other noteworthy findings in this month’s poll include:

  • Most Americans (54%) say Republican members of Congress who tried to stop the certification of Joe Biden’s victory were undermining democracy.
  • 55% of registered voters have an unfavorable opinion of Trump (vs. 43% favorable); 54% have an unfavorable opinion of Mike Pence (vs. 33% favorable); and 76% have an unfavorable opinion of Mitch McConnell (vs. 11% favorable).

Additional issues surveyed include views on the removals of Trump, Ted Cruz, and Josh Hawley from office as well as viewership of Fox News, Newsmax, One American News Network, and MSNBC.

This poll’s findings demonstrate that, after Trump incited the violent attack on the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, solid majorities of Americans understand that this attack was not only an act of terrorism, but also an attempted coup.

This month’s survey also provides strong evidence of Trump’s enduring grip on the Republican Party. Despite the fact that most Americans have an unfavorable opinion of Trump, 86% of Republicans view him favorably even as they hold strongly unfavorable opinions of the GOP leaders of the U.S. House and Senate.

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