LeBron James was bothered after a Cavs front office member cheered his missed shot

 LeBron James was bothered after a Cavs front office member cheered his missed shot

LeBron James showed off against his former team Monday, scoring 46 points in Cleveland. Twenty-one of those points came in the fourth quarter, and James had some extra motivation after some light heckling at the end of the third quarter.

After James attempted a buzzer-beating 14-foot jump shot that bounced off of the rim, a member of the Cavs front office apparently cheered just a little too hard. Because James took notice, and immediately delivered a death stare to someone on the sidelines.

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After the game, James said he knew exactly who it was.

“I know who he is. He’s part of the front office group,” James said, laughing. “I felt like he was just a little bit too excited about seeing me miss. He was really excited about me missing that shot. A little bit more extra than I would have liked. But he’s got to root for his team, obviously. And he was, he showcased that. So I knew I had another quarter, and the fourth quarter’s my favorite.”

While James declined to say who the person was, ESPN is reporting (via sources) that the front office member was Cavs basketball chief of staff Jason Hillman. 

James added: “The good thing for him is I only come here once.”

Not only did James have a great scoring performance, but he had an all-around game against the Cavs. In addition to his 46 points, James added eight rebounds, six assits, two steals and two blocks. 

As for his fourth quarter explosion after the interaction with a Cavs front office member, it was essentially the “And I took that personally” meme come to life.

“Doesn’t take much to get Bron going,” a Cavs source told ESPN of the exchange. “He was unreal tonight.”

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