Far-right livestreamer arrested in insurrection roundup, faces new state charges in Arizona

 Far-right livestreamer arrested in insurrection roundup, faces new state charges in Arizona

The complaint against Baked Alaska runs about two pages, and is filled with a detailed account of what transpires on Gionet’s own 27-minute recording of the Capitol insurgency. Gionet’s defense is that he is a reporter of some sort, but as the complaint shows, the only reporting being done by Gionet is the detailing of his own crimes and others. It is hard to defend yourself as being outside of the attempted coup d’etat when you are saying things like “Unleash the Kraken, let’s go,” and “America First is inevitable. Fuck Globalists, let’s go!” And considering the right-wing fetish with “Blue lives,” it is hard to defend when you’re telling a law enforcement officer—who is asking you to stop breaking the law—that You’re a fucking oathbreaker, you piece of shit.”

But maybe it’s the moment during his video when Timmy says “Occupy the Capitol let’s go. We ain’t leaving this bitch,” that’s gotten him in trouble? Hard to say.

As the Phoenix New Times reported earlier, Gionet has problems on top of problems as he was not supposed to leave his home state of Arizona. You see, last month Gionet was arrested for having reportedly maced a bouncer at a restaurant in Scottsdale. After spending a night in jail he was let go, bail-free, but the condition of his release was that he remain in Arizona while awaiting resolution of charges for assault, disorderly conduct, and criminal trespass. He clearly did not do that. A reddit user posted a video from around the same time, in early December, purporting to show one of Baked Alaska’s livefeeds with Gionet pulling down a “Happy Chanukah” sign on a public menorah in Arizona. In that video, he drops it to the ground and then walks away saying “No more Happy Hanukkah, only Merry Christmas.”

Before being charged in the macing of the bouncer, Gionet can be seen almost getting arrested for being a shitty person, without a mask, harassing people who work for a living. In fact, Baked Alaska’s entire schtick is basically harassing people that work for a living. 

It’s got to be tough being Gionet. To clearly be someone who so badly wants to be a celebrity but to have no talent for anything other than juvenile anger and cruelty must be some kind of hell. Here’s Gionet hanging out with the white supremacist torch brigade in 2017. He’s been building his bigot’s resume for a long long time.

Gionet’s live video from inside of the Capitol building on Jan. 6 was pulled down, but it’s like the stuff above if you added an attempted overthrow of the government to it.

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