Democrats aren’t playing McConnell’s game on filibuster

 Democrats aren’t playing McConnell’s game on filibuster

It seems like “getting shit done” is the takeaway for Democrats. Giving in to McConnell and taking away the potentially necessary tool to get that shit done “would be exactly the wrong way to begin,” said Connecticut Sen. Richard Blumenthal. “We need to have the kind of position of strength that will enable us to get stuff done.” But that still leaves the Senate at an impasse in moving forward with organizing. For example, the three brand new Democratic senators sworn in Wednesday can’t be assigned to committees until there’s an organizing resolution in place. Not having it is slowing down committee hearings conducting the process of approving Biden’s Cabinet.

McConnell doesn’t want Biden to succeed. He doesn’t want Democrats to get shit done because he’s looking ahead—as always—to the next election and regaining his majority. To that end, he’s preventing Biden from forming his government. He’s using the same tool white supremacist senators used generations ago to first fight abolition and then civil rights legislation. How little things change.

If it comes down to it, Democrats can advance the cause of getting rid of the filibuster right now, on this organizing resolution McConnell has been delaying. If it comes to it, they can use what’s been dubbed the Reid Precedent, when then Majority Leader Harry Reid used a simple majority to overturn a ruling from the Senate parliamentarian to end the filibuster on President Barack Obama’s lower court nominees. They could, if McConnell forces them to, organize with a simple majority vote, with Vice President Harris’ help.

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