Ben Carson went on Fox News to attack Dr. Seuss ‘cancel culture’ and oh man

 Ben Carson went on Fox News to attack Dr. Seuss ‘cancel culture’ and oh man

Playing on Seuss’s Green Eggs and Ham (not one of the six books that publisher Dr. Seuss Enterprises will no longer publish), Carson labored on a little rhyme he came up:

I do not like to cancel books.

I do not like how that looks.

I do not like it here nor there.

I do not like it anywhere.

I do not like it in a store.

I do not want it anymore.

I do think it’s time past

No longer to have thought a crime.

I do one day hope to see

across my country tis of thee.

Books used to read and learn

Instead of set ablaze to burn.

Our heritage for all to share.

Little patriots everywhere.

Our nation’s rich [sic] story rich and vast.

Our true history taught in class.

A special place for all to be.

A place known for its liberty.

Give me a second while I wipe away the tears from my brain. I transcribed the above for you because it almost takes Mr. Carson a full minute to get that out. This is the kind of boring that makes the boring guy fall asleep while he’s being boring. Here’s a quick rhyme I just came up with.

I do not like Green Eggs and Ham

I do not like them Sam I am.

I do not like Ben Carson.

He’s a really terrible person with zero morals.

I think that works.

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